UPDATE & PRAISE! ThanksGIVING Tuesdays' Goal Met!

With joy we wish to let you know that generous givers have met our ThanksGIVING Tuesdays' goal of US $32,500 for 650 pastors families in need! Praise be to God!

As is our practice, RREACH will contact any who gave designated funds after the goal was met with the option to have their funds returned or applied to other projects. 

Thank you, friends, for giving many pastors' families cause to give more thanks to our great Provider, especially during the end of the year.

ThanksGIVING Tuesdays focus: The ENLARGE Fund

We believe that the Tuesday following U.S. Thanksgiving Day, known as Giving Tuesday, does not adequately capture ThanksGIVING. From Tuesday, November 22, to Tuesday, November 29, we recommend #ThanksGIVINGTuesdays for your active gratitude and encourage all giving everywhere to any good cause.

As our world watches a global "polycrisis" unfold, one option for your Thankful Giving is RREACH's ENLARGE Pastor's Family Care Fund, which provides small monetary gifts to help with basic necessities like food, shelter and medicine. 

Learn more about the need and RREACH's response in this short 2m22s greeting from Dr. Ramesh Richard.  

The ENLARGE Pastor's Family Care Fund



Global realities prompt RREACH to emphasize physical help as part of strengthening pastoral leaders. Through our ENLARGE fund, RREACH has helped with the most basic needs of food, medicines and shelter for pastors and their families in places like Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Myanmar.



Since April 2020, 5,630 pastors and their families in 61 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have received assistance through the ENLARGE Fund.



Our ThanksGIVING Tuesdays goal is $32,500, providing assistance to 650 pastors' families in our priority geographies of Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

A US $50 cash gift to select and needy pastors and their immediate families in need is our base amount. In extraordinary socio-economic circumstances as currently faced by pastors and their families in desperate situations, RREACH may give up to $100 per pastor’s family. The second $50 will be funded by previously donor-designated funds, with no administrative costs withheld by RREACH as our standard practice for the ENLARGE Fund.